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When is the Best Time to Visit Siquijor?

Siquijor is rapidly becoming one of the best destinations in the Philippines for local and foreign tourists. The island province boasts pristine beaches, majestic falls,  historical sites, and outdoor activities that are sure to be memorable.


However, one of the challenges in planning to visit Siquijor is knowing the best time to go there. This article will tell you the best months to travel to Siquijor and what to expect during your stay on this island paradise.

Visit Siquijor During the Dry Season

Like the rest of the Philippines, Siquijor has a tropical monsoon climate. There are only two seasons in the country- wet and dry.


The dry season between November and May is the best time to visit Siquijor. You usually have the best beach weather during this period, especially during the summer months of March to May. If you want to go swimming, visit the beach during high tide since the water is deeper.


Visiting the island during the wet season, from June to October, is less preferred because of the heavy rains and occasional storms. On a positive note, visiting the island during these months is best if you want to visit the waterfall, which is more spectacular during these times.

Explore Siquijor During Fiestas

Visit Siquijor the day before and during fiestas or local festivals if you want to be part of the celebration. Fiestas in the Philippines often involve a lot of eating, cultural performances, and street parades. Some locals may even invite you to their homes and offer you a buffet meal.


Below are some of the most popular festivals on the island and the date they are celebrated.



Canoan Festival in Larena

May 2-3

Saging Festival in Lazi

May 14-15

Lubi Festival in Maria

May 20-21

Pamukad Festival in Enrique Villanueva

July 15-16

Bugwas Festival in San Juan

August 27 -28

Dilaab Festival in Siquijor

October 3-4


How to Have a Great Time in Siquijor?

The best way to have a fantastic trip in Siquijor is to maximize your itinerary and fill it with the activities you love doing. Getting one of our tour packages will help you settle everything in your Siquijor trip schedule, from accommodation to transportation.

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